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This site contains only epic reviews of products across many industries. I want to give you the very best of my personal reviews on products / services that make the world better. I’m involved in the tech world with my work so I may tend to write about techie nerd stuff more than others, but if it’s something I think could be useful to my readers, I’ll post it. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to comment. (SPAMMERS WILL BE DELETED) – David T~ david@ecigreviewa2.infoDavidSR-JR

Starbucks Coffee vs Seattle’s Best: Is it Just Advertising?

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new bags, do they change the taste?

Do the new bags make the coffee taste better? Some think so.

So you like coffee. And you really like coffee from Seattle, so it seems. And the funny thing about coffee from Seattle is that it’s not really from there, but it comes from all over the world to the roasters, who bag it, market it, ship it and brew it. If blinded, I would say there’s really no difference in the taste or quality from these makers, so what it all comes down to, I’m convinced, is marketing. In fact, they get their beans from many of the same regions of the world.

Seattle’s Best did a great job with their new promo, including hiring an advertising agency out of Chicago to help them with their overall branding and look of their bags along with a new commercial. This is one of the cool things about perception, that when done right, means everything. The difference in packaging might actually contribute to the “taste” that one experiences when they drink the coffee.

When you visit either place and get to sipping your favorite brew, you may notice some subtleties that you’ve come to appreciate over time, which makes you a seasoned coffee snob (I say this in love because I too am one). But the entire reason you’ve been sitting there drinking that cup of coffee is because of advertising. You either saw an ad, smelled the coffee as you passed by on the street (yes, smell is advertising, consider cinnabon at the mall) or found a cool looking package at a local grocery store and bought the bag of beans because you had some brand recognition with a bright new look, so you decided to give it a try.

Advertising makes the difference

Advertising, even though the mediums have changed, make all the difference in the world when it comes to sales. This encompasses all the major aspects that a good company who’s working on increasing their bottom line: branding, brand impressions, brand sentiment, color theory, language, smells, sounds (music in commercials or inside the store, or the sound of the coffee being poured). And when done right, like with Seattle’s Best did when they hired their advertising agency, can have a great impact on the bottom line and make customers feel better about making the purchase. It’s easier to pay for something that comes in a nice package than it is to buy in bulk or in some generic packaging. And my taste buds concur. In fact, in probably any taste test, most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Starbucks and Kirkland coffee. The only difference here? Advertising, packaging and price (did you know Starbucks roasts Kirkland ‘Costco’s’ coffee?). Thanks for reading !

Amazon? Or another Order Fulfillment Center

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partners at warehouse talkingThere is a phenomenon that is sweeping the marketing called fulfillment. This is a process where once products are ordered either online or through regular retail or wholesale sources, a separate party handles the packaging and shipping of the merchandise. The major players in the market include the likes of Amazon or Shipwire and a few other big ones.

With the availability of computerized management and enterprise systems, the logistics of a separate party handling these functions is a very feasible and workable proposition in every respect. For instance, if you as a customer order a camping tent from an online store, and on the same day 68 other customers order the same thing, only from different locations. If the manufacturer had to handle the storage of the merchandise, the packing and shipping it would be more expensive than having a separate company handle those functions.

Choosing the Right Order Fulfillment Center

Since all of these camping tents, including the one that you just purchased, have to go to different different locations, is is common for a fulfillment center to be use to store, package and ship the merchandise. That is all that they do, they do not manufacture anything, all they do is get it from the manufacture, store the items and then ship the merchandise to buying customers. One method of selection people use for choosing a fulfillment center is proximity to either the majority of customers if they’re a local business or the proximity to the major ports on either of the coasts across the US in Los Angeles / Bay Area or in Jersey or Philadelphia.

All of this takes a bit of planning, but when you are using the power of the computer, it makes things a lot easier, once the software is up to speed in handling all of the different functions at one time. The fulfillment center will keep adequate amounts of inventory on hand at all times based upon projected purchasing patterns. As merchandise is sold and it is shipped out to customers from the fulfillment center, inventory is replenished according to buying trends. In this way, there is always inventory that can be shipped out immediately when new orders come in.

Demand for a product can be predetermined to a great degree, based on past performance. When orders come in for the same item, only from many different geographical areas, the computer goes and finds how many units are in stock in the physical inventory by one of the top companies in CA, and picks them out to be shipped.

How Fulfillment Centers Work:

Without computerization, the process would take infinitely longer and mistakes would be far higher in that human beings can only work so fast and take in so much information. Since the computer tracks every item of inventory that comes into the fulfillment service center, it will know the location in the center where the items are stored. It is then a simple matter for the computerized system to locate the items to be shipped. This is all accomplished immediately when new sales orders come in, and then it is simply a matter of getting the items, packing and shipping them to the buyers of the merchandise.

Many fulfillment centers have automatic robots that physically go to the locations of where the merchandise actually is, pull the items off the shelves, pack the item, and label the package for shipment. This is also referred to as warehousing.

Fulfillment services are the state of the art of shipping, and they are becoming more and more automated all the time for the convenience of the system and for the public at large.

The Ins And Outs Of Carlsbad Chiropractic Care

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Life is challenging enough without enduring back pain. It seems like everything we do involves the back, and when the back isn’t working right, it can really make your life miserable. The following tips will help you learn about chiropractic care.

Try sleeping on your back. Put a pillow under your head as well as shoulders. Then tuck rolled towels under your neck and knees to maintain the natural curve of your body.

Get up from your bed each day in this way: roll to your left and extend left arm to your head. Then rise slowly with your right arm. Getting out of bed this manner decreases your chances of injuring your spine.

Don’t carry your wallet within your pants’ back pocket. Many men put a wallet in back pockets because they do not know it can harm their lower back. Carry your wallet in the front pocket.

When you do see a chiropractor, do not expect for one appointment to do the trick. You may feel better after the first session, but true healing will require additional care. Stick with any regimen the chiropractor suggests. If you fail to do this, you can end up disappointed.

Ask your Carlsbad chiropractic office if there are discounts for several visits. Chiropractor often require several visits. You may need to visit several times weekly for months in a row. The price can add up over time. The doctor’s office may be able to give you a discount for multiple visits to make treatment much more affordable.

Check out the background of a chiropractor before you make an appointment. While most chiropractors care about their patients, some extend the treatments just to earn more money. Look at reviews from previous users and try to get medical doctor references if you can.

Ask different chiropractors the kind of condition they treat. Chiropractic practitioners who treat conditions besides your back and neck problems are not necessarily more effective. Practitioners who stick to the basics tend to be more reliable.

Don’t always put it on one shoulder all the time. Also, you shouldn’t be carrying a heavy bag. Lighten your load by taking out things that you can.

Good chiropractic care is important. If your back is damaged, you could be incapacitated. Don’t allow this to occur in your life! Take care of your back so it can take care of you in the future.

Review of Carlsbad construction Company

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project by carlsbad construction company near completionWhen people think of construction companies, they probably think of men in hard hats using a jackhammer to dig up concrete; however, construction companies are so much more than big, burly men in hard hats. A construction company is filled with some of the most knowledgeable men and women in the business. The following article will explain why you should hire a construction company for your next project.

Money Savings

Yes, you are probably wondering how hiring someone can save you more money than completing the project yourself. There are a couple of reasons why hiring a construction can save you money.

First, because the construction company buys items in bulk, they oftentimes can purchase materials at a reduced rate. This in and of itself can save your hundreds if not thousands of dollars. With a construction company, they have access to specialist in the field. Do you need electrical work done? Plumbing leaking? The construction company probably has workers who are knowledgeable and licensed to complete these repairs.

Time Savings with Carlsbad Contractors

Everyone knows that it is easier to get a project completed when you have help. Additionally, having a crew of people working on the project can speed up the completion. Rather than working on a project alone or with a couple of people, a construction team can come in and get the project done faster.


When it comes to construction projects, safety should be one of your primary concerns. There are many dangerous things around a construction site, including power tools, electrical wires and dangerous substances. By hiring a construction company, you can reduce the risk of injury.


The construction crew has the proper training to complete a project. For example, if you are remodeling your kitchen and want to remove a wall to change the design layout to an open floor concept, do you know if that wall is a load bearing wall? Probably not. But, a construction crew will have the knowledge to complete the project. As you can see there are many reasons why you should hire a construction company for your next project. Hiring a construction company will save you time, money and keep you safe from accidents. Let the knowledge staff handle all of your construction needs.

Review of our Luxury Tour of Scotland Last Spring

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Last spring my baby and I took a little luxury tour Scotland and I have to tell you it was super. We never had such a great time together since our honeymoon (maybe it was because we were without the kiddo’s). A huge part of us really enjoying ourselves was that we both have some Scottish blood in our veins, not really enough to be able to track any distant relatives down but we did lookup last names of our grandparents to see if any were nearby just for fun. Our trip was so refreshing because, unlike other vacations we took, we decided to hire a guide who took us around in a chauffeured limo to just about every great and hidden spot in the country. We did a 10 day tour and visited some really epic monuments and met some really cool locals. Below I’ll share with you some of our favorite things we did while we were out, but this definitely will not do any justice to actually going there yourself, so just get on a plane and check it out for yourself!

Touring Scotland Castles

My favorite sights of Scotland were the amazing castles. The first one we saw was the EDINBURGH CASTLE , which has been around for centuries. The ambiance of the rooms within and throughout the entire building was uniquely and distinctly different. The ancient architecture was perfectly juxtaposed with the few modern touches inside like the lights etc… and the setting was really one of the most brilliant sights we saw as far as man-made monuments goes. The smells were damp and stoney. You could sense the moss around the exterior and the vines seemed to go on forever in a timelessness that surpassed our lifetime. Walking around and through it, we realized we could have spent the entire day there and not gotten board. It was as if William Wallace’s voice was echoing across the green vastness where many battles were surely fought. Amazing.

The Ornkey Island Trip

walking the beach in our luxury tour scotland last springThis excursion, my wife’s favorite was out to the THE ITALIAN CHAPEL on the Ornkey Island. While in the boat we were both stricken with the amazing clear blue water of the ocean around Scotland. Almost as clear as what you’d expect from the Caribbean. The boat ride was pleasant, then upon arrival they had a nice continental lunch ready for us with wine or champagne. My wife of course left the wine to me while she enjoyed her aged champagne. The island was quaint and had the heir of nostalgia that I think we both felt in our bones, that we were somehow connected to the transcendent history that seemed to somehow stop time and space. The chapel we visited there was truly amazing and we would never have imagined doing anything better that day than to have a nice romantic walk through the narrows of the island and chapel area, hand in hand and remembering why we got married several years ago.

So to summarize our Scottish tour, we had an absolutely wonderful time thanks to the folks at, or 949-510-6749 who offer both Ireland and Scotland tours, so if you’re interested in visiting, tell them that I sent you.

Veterans United or VA Mortgage Center

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So we decided to look in to getting a home instead of renting. Since I’m a veteran I Googled and found a few good options with Veterans United. They had some great low rates for vets and we looked further in to the difference between a VA loan vs a traditional mortgage and there really are some great benefits. Since we wanted to get into a home and didn’t have much for a down payment we decided to go the route of the VA loan. And because we’re all about local businesses we decided to go with a local company.

VA versus Traditional

Bridgepoint FundingSince we preferred not to handle everything over the phone, we went with a local Walnut Creek company, since they’re local and we were able to chat with someone directly. They informed us of the differences between loan types that were options for us. With a traditional loan, you need to put a lot more money down but we didn’t have to put anything down because our home loan was under $650,000. If you go over that with the VA then you need to put some money down. This is an awesome deal that I wish they would open up for the rest of my friends who are not veterans.

If you’re a vet then you should know the options that are available to you for buying a home. You never have to rent again and just give me a call or send me an email and I’ll let you know how the process went for us. It was definitely hectic because it involves moving and insurance etc… but finally we got in to the home of our dreams – for now – and we’ll be building our own equity instead of the landlords. Best of luck to you and I hope that if you’re a veteran you’ll check out the options that are yours.

Bed, Bath and Beyond vs. Target for Bathroom “stuff”

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My wife loves Bed Bath and Beyond and often visits Target for a lot of the same stuff. The problem I found was that both Target and BB&B were super overpriced for a ton of items that you would find for a lot less at a specialty shop, like for their throw rugs that cost $99 – I easily found one of much higher quality at a furniture store, and it was larger. The Target rug is … ahem, CRAP and I don’t know why I didn’t just return it the day we brought it home, but it’s mostly because we had a “hole” to fill in the living room that needed a rug.

personalized wall deals

For the bathroom, I found a company called Style and Apply that basically gives a ton of options that you find in other similar stores that offer wall decals for the bathroom or other rooms in the house. My wife found some “cute” stickers for the walls in the bathroom at BB&B and others for the bedroom at Target but again, they do not specialize in wall stickers, so I decided to find a business that does specialize in them and not only found a better selection but a much cheaper selection. Not to mention the quality, which was high and made of vinyl.

Shopping at Big Retailers or Specialty Shops

So the moral of my review today comes with a nice punch list:

  1. Make a list of the things you intend to buy for the house, room by room
  2. Find them at the big retailers if you must, just for comparrison
  3. do NOT go to the big stores with your list without doing research
  4. Find some great products in online stores or storefronts in the area who specialize in the type of product you’re looking for
  5. Set a budget for how much you want to spend
  6. Find the products at specialty stores and you’ll be much happier and better off, and you’ll be supporting – mostly – smaller businesses who will really appreciate you as a customer

That’s it. I hope today’s review was helpful and I do encourage you to shop local and small biz!

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Lexington Law, Experian and Credit Repair: Fact of Fraud?

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Lexington LawCredit restoration has long been one of the languages that most people can’t speak. They are not quite sure if there is any legitimacy to actually getting it to work. I was super skeptical when I started with a Lexington Law Las Vegas credit repair company and after having done my research I was willing to give them a ring. They told me that they would look at my credit report – which seemed to me to be like a document that I only glanced at once or twice in my life when working on getting a home loan. But it had been years since really going over all the derogatory claims that had my score in the low 600′s. We wanted to buy a house so we had to do something about our credit.

Experian and other bureaus

The credit bureaus have a rating system that basically tells lenders whether or not they’re likely to be paid back on a loan. So to that affect, with a lower score the likelihood they would be paid back is less – and probably with good reason since I did have a repossession on my report. Anyways, we called and my wife and I got on the same plan together and over about 4-5 months we saw our scores both go up. So that meant that we were soon to be in the market for our home. We also wanted to get a new car but that’s still waiting until after we get in to the new house. So a review of these services tells us that while credit recovery is an option for us to do on our own, the length of time it would take and the learning curve was just worth getting someone else to do it. We are glad we worked with one of the best credit repair companies out there and highly recommend New Day Credit.

State Farm Insurance or Geico?

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Recently we were up for a renewal of our homeowners insurance. The hard thing was to figure out which of the companies we wanted to go with since the rates were pretty much the same (so much for “save 15% on insurance lol). It came down to levels of service and how much “over the top” the agent or company was going to go to help us get the most out of our policy.


The true 15% discount

While the pricing at first pretty much the same with both companies, one of these companies gave us a good pro tip to help reduce our annual fees by a little over 15% by adding a lightning rod. Who would have thought people still used them? I remember seeing them in movies over a huge castle that was up on a hill and it had bolts of lightning crashing in to it. But evidently that’s not quite what they’re for. Anyways, it was a quick 15% – a true discount offered so we had one installed and went with the winning company.

The winner is:

A good insurance company is hard to find, but when you do get one, it’s hard to quit them because of the levels of expertise and customer service. So who won out of State Farm and Geico? NEITHER! We went with a small local guy from Policy Point Insurance, Oceanside CA. They were the only ones who told us the insider secrets and gave us some really good customized and individual consideration for our home and auto insurance plans. So we recommend getting someone local in your city. You’ll enjoy new levels of service not found with the big guys, no matter what they tell you in the crafty commercials. Haha!

Spa-style Step In Tub Review

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Step in Bath Tubs | Safety Tubs for the Elderly

safety bath tubMy Grandma recently got a walk in bathtub and I had the opportunity to check it out live in person at her home during a recent visit. I was thoroughly impressed to say the very least.  This is a shameless pitch for the guys that helped her out in getting a step in tub and I will probably be getting one for my home soon if not for just the sheer awesomeness of the comfort and luxury it sees to give my granny.

If you love to take a bath but are having trouble getting in and out of the bath tub, you will want to check out a walk in bath tubs. There are many different types of walk in bath tubs for you to choose from such as the Jacuzzi, Victorian style, regular style and even Euro style. Due to the fact there are different styles of tubs, you will find one that you like and will work for you.

The Jacuzzi style walk in bath tub is an amazing bath tub that will offer you a massage as you stand sit there soaking in the water. The Jacuzzi tub will massage you by using air bubbles all around your body. It will help you have a deeper relaxation when it comes to taking your bath. Bathtubs for seniors are not only good for seniors, but for everyone else.

Not only can you have different types of bath tubs that will offer you many different comforts, but step in tubs offer the elderly a safe place to bathe every day. The elderly some times have balance issues or problems with their joints due to arthritis and they will not be able to step up over a bath tub side so we make sure that elderly folks have the best senior bathroom safety tub possible.

Senior bathroom safety needs to start with the tub. Just because they are a senior does not mean they should not have a bath and be able to relax. SO we offer all our seniors the best walk in tub ever.

Just because you have senior bathroom safety concerns does not mean you should not take a bath. All you will need to do is have a step in tub installed into your bathroom and you will be ready to sit and relax in your very own brand new stylish tub.

When it comes to bathroom safety regardless if you are elderly or disabled it should be the number one priority. You will not want to fall down in the bathroom and get hurt, so instead of taking chances on your safety go check one out and see what one can do for you when it comes to taking a bath.

You will not need to look any farther because has exactly what it is your looking for. They will ensure that you have a bathroom that is safe and a tub that you can sit and relax in.

If it’s good for my grandma, it’s good for everyone.